Real-time Forecasts of the MOSAiC Drift

The Sea Ice Drift Forecast Experiment (SIDFEx), which has been coordinating drift forecasts for buoys of the International Arctic Buoy Programme between several forecasting centres already since 2017, has been delivering real-time drift forecasts for Polarstern since the onset of the MOSAiC campaign.

The forecasts are based on mutiple systems from several operational forecast centres as well as research institutes. Every six hours we produce a seemless consensus forecast (including uncertainties) out to 120 days ahead based on the forecasts currently available. The forecasts are made available to Polarstern‘s on-board charting system (MapViewer), and can be accessed publicly as follows:

Example for a most recent consensus forecast as graphical product.

Contact person at the AWI: Dr Helge Goessling

In case of questions or any difficulties, please contact us at: Meereisportal Team.