Autonomous measurements of sea ice properties

Buoys, or more generally speaking "ice tethered platforms" that perform autonomous measurements of physical properties of sea ice, snow, and the uppermost ocean are one of the main instruments to collect time-series data sets from the remote polar regions. Here we present data, metadata, and results from our buoys drifting on Arctic and Antarctic sea ice.

Datasets: Arctic buoys (Dataset ZIP) | Antarctic buoys (Dataset ZIP) | MOSAiC buoys (Dataset ZIP)
List of buoys: Arctic buoys (List CSV) | Antarctic buoys (List CSV) | MOSAiC buoys (List CSV)

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Where are our buoys?

arctic map with buoy tracks antarctic map with buoy tracks arctic map with buoy tracks at Svalbard antarctic map with buoy tracks at Neumeyer

Further Information to the buoys

Buoy type Information Read me
A - Automatic Weather Station (PAWS/AWSBAS) INFO
B - Ice Beacon INFO
F - Flux Buoy INFO
I - Seasonal Ice Mass Balance Buoy
M - Modular Sea Ice Buoy (IMBflex) INFO
O - Ocean CTD Buoy
P - Surface Velocity Profiler (SVP) INFO
R - Radiation Station
S - Snow Buoy INFO
T - Thermistor String Buoy INFO
V - DTOP Ocean Profiler
W - Ice-Tethered Profiler

Other buoys

Since observations from a single buoy are mostly of very limited use and interest, our measurements contribute to the

In addition, all data from active and past Sea Ice Mass-Balance Buoys, which are under administration of the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) may be found here:

Note: If you are aware of other buoy data collections, please send us a message, we would be happy to link them here, too.

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