Aiborne data

Here you find all sea ice data that has been collected from different aircraft based measurements in the data base PANGAEA since 1995. The sea ice data is organized in tabular form and distinguished by measurement method (AEM: Airborne Electromagnetic Measurement, LiDAR: Light detection and ranging).

Arctic data

Datum Kampagne AEM LiDAR Expeditionsbericht
Jul-Aug 1995 ARK-XI/1 Pangaea ePIC
Aug-Sep 1996 ARK-XII Pangaea ePIC
Aug-Sep 2001 ARK-XVII/2 Pangaea Pangaea ePIC
Feb 2003 IRIS Pangaea Pangaea ePIC
Mär-Apr 2003 ARK-XIX/1 Pangaea Pangaea ePIC
Feb-Mär 2004 IRIS Pangaea Pangaea ePIC
Mai 2004 GreenIce Pangaea Pangaea REPORT
Jul-Aug 2004 ARK-XX/2 Pangaea Pangaea ePIC
Mär 2005 IRIS Pangaea Pangaea ePIC
Mai 2005 GreenIce Pangaea Pangaea REPORT
Mai 2006 CryoVEx Pangaea REPORT
Mai 2006 Storfjorden Pangaea
Mär 2007 PolICE Pangaea Pangaea
Apr 2007 SEDNA Pangaea REPORT
Apr 2007 PoleAirship Pangaea Pangaea REPORT
Aug-Sep 2007 ARK-XXII/2 Pangaea ePIC
Apr 2008 SIZONet Pangaea REPORT
Mai 2008 CryoVEx Pangaea REPORT
Apr 2009 SIZONet Pangaea REPORT
Mai 2009 Casimbo Pangaea REPORT
Mär 2010 Safewin Pangaea REPORT
Apr 2010 SIZONet Pangaea REPORT
Mai 2010 Casimbo Pangaea REPORT
Mai 2010 SORPIC Pangaea REPORT
Mär-Apr 2011 PAMARCMIP Pangaea REPORT
Aug-Okt 2011 ARK-XXVI/3 Pangaea ePIC

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  1. Grosfeld, K.; Treffeisen, R.; Asseng, J.; Bartsch, A.; Bräuer, B.; Fritzsch, B.; Gerdes, R.; Hendricks, S.; Hiller, W.; Heygster, G.; Krumpen, T.; Lemke, P.; Melsheimer, C.; Nicolaus, M.; Ricker, R. and Weigelt, M. (2016), Online sea-ice knowledge and data platform <>, Polarforschung, Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research & German Society of Polar Research, 85 (2), 143-155, doi:10.2312/polfor.2016.011 (PDF).

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