Visualizing Sea Ice Data

The combination of multi-disciplinary sea ice science and the rising demand of society for up-to-date information and user customized products on climate change emphasis the need for addressing the challenges posed by environmental change in the Polar Regions by means of creating new ways of communication.

This WebGIS application makes sea ice related data as for example ice concentration data, ice edge information as well as buoy data available. In addition, current RV Polarstern track lines can be plotted to relate recent expedition activity to sea ice conditions back in time to the year 2012.

For the use of, users are asked to include the following citation:

  1. Grosfeld, K.; Treffeisen, R.; Asseng, J.; Bartsch, A.; Bräuer, B.; Fritzsch, B.; Gerdes, R.; Hendricks, S.; Hiller, W.; Heygster, G.; Krumpen, T.; Lemke, P.; Melsheimer, C.; Nicolaus, M.; Ricker, R. and Weigelt, M. (2016), Online sea-ice knowledge and data platform <>, Polarforschung, Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research & German Society of Polar Research, 85 (2), 143-155, doi:10.2312/polfor.2016.011 (PDF).

For the use of the specific data from the data portal of, users are asked to include the associated citations as indicated below.